Sunday, March 15, 2009

Heart vs Mind

When u were here wid me, i knew dat u r important
But now i realised dat 'no' u r nt important than me

when u were here wid me, i knew that i like u
But now i realised that 'no' i dont like u more than me

when u were here wid me, i knew that i luv to b wid u
but now i realised that i dont like to b wid ne1 else than me

when u were here with me, i knew that i was very much concerned about,
u, ur family n ur problems
but now i realised that i am nt concerned about ne1 else that me

And do u know who told me all this??
My MIND...
yeah, ppl say that mind is not that reliable..
but i know that my mind is more reliable than my HEART...

But with all this, i want to CONFESS something too...
My MIND is always thinking of u...
When my HEART is trying hard not to think of u even once
My MIND is constantly reminding me the time, i spent with u..
My MIND is constantly telling me that how loving and caring you were
My MIND keeps on saying that u are too adorable to forget..........

N now i m confused...
Whom to believe???

My HEART only makes me cry for a certain time...
But this MIND which i think so reliable,
it let not me do anything at anytime.............


  1. Remembering my class mates, after few years,
    Everyone now is busy a lot,
    No one escaped destiny plot
    Project reviews to campus interviews,
    Nicknames to last bench games,
    Everything is fresh in our mind,
    Wish life could just rewind,
    Lets laugh, play & rejoice,
    Once again become school/college guys.
    Chatting & laughing. We all in elation,
    Till the painful moments of seperation,
    When it was time to part,
    We returned with a heavy heart.
    Today life is full of commitments,
    And too many worries,
    But those cherished moments,
    Will live forever in our memories!!!

  2. Yeah dear Tanu, everything will live forever in our memories... i m gonna miss u all a lot...

  3. I am missing u lot reading this :) ur Anonymous praiser :) u knw the name hehhe :P