Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Harappa- curse of the blood river

It is such an interesting read that you are forced to read page after page. The curiosity to know the unfolding events makes this book un-put-downable. The author Vineet Bajpai has wonderfully woven this tale of times and places apart.
A moment you are reading about mesmerizing Saraswati Civilization (yes, I am convinced that it is not Indus Valley Civilization) and another moment this book takes you to the ghats of Benaras.

My views may be different from others but I think that the book is exceptionally fast which, though makes it engaging but, leaves you craving for some more information. It has everything that a fiction lover may think of... The mystery of Harappa, the charm of Banaras, the hidden underworld of Paris, an innocent looking assassin, a man who is one of the saptrishis and the reincarnation.

The novel gave me an urge to know more about the lost Civilization and I was appalled to know that British ACTUALLY tried to destroy the ruins of a whole Civilization which could tell so much about the history. So rest assured of the facts given in the books.

The book weaves many present day facts with the story and let you learn some real fascinating things about Harappa.

This is without a doubt, worth reading.

The only disappointment that I had was the incomplete story which is yet to be told in the next book of the series. And I am anxiously waiting for it.

It is definitely the book that has the simplicity of language to hook even a non reader and the wonderfully researched plot to amuse a book lover. 

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